Outreach Tactics

Startups, Challengers, and Champions‍

  • Survival
  • Keeping burn rates low
  • Open source/freemium
  • 30/70 build vs buy
  • Self-serve buying process (with high percentage on credit card)
  • Accelerating time to value
  • Maximizing competitive advantage
  • 50/50 build vs buy
  • Average buying cycles (60–90 days)
  • Higher ACVs (month-to-month or annual contract)
  • Reducing total cost of ownership
  • Reducing risk for mission critical deployments
  • 70/30 build vs buy
  • Longest buying cycles (120+ days)
  • Total number of companies Datafox database: 6,800,000
  • Total number of companies that fit the above criteria: 3,629
  • Total number of companies pre-ICP filter: 3,629
  • Total numbers of employees at those companies: 2,000,000
  • Total number of companies after ICP filter: 966
  • Total number of ICPs: 4,018

Outreach Sequences



  • {{Your First Name}} x {{Their First Name}}
  • Example: Liam x Rachel
  • “I watched the talk you gave at KubeCon yesterday and couldn’t agree more with your point about…”
  • “I wanted to reach out since we’ve started a company that uses Kubernetes to…”


  • Have cold calls toward the middle of the sequence and only call people that have shown some engagement (email open, clicked link, replied, downloaded something from your website, etc). It’s a more effective use of your time before you have a full blown sales team.
  • When you connect with a prospect, you’re not trying to sell them over the phone! You’re simply answering the three questions they have in their mind when they pick up (Who is this? What’s this about? What’s in it for me?) and getting time on the calendar to have a proper discovery session. As a result, effective cold calls should last no more than 1–2 minutes (unless you find a prospect is really interested, then by all means keep going).

Outreach Metrics‍

Sales Outreach Calculator‍



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Liam Mulcahy

Liam Mulcahy


GTM at Kleiner Perkins I Previously at Unusual Ventures, MongoDB I Aspiring Product Market Fit Scientist